I'm not one of your students.

I don't want to go to sleep right now.

Rabin now knows what he has to do.


Kurt always did what he felt like doing.

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It was prudent of you to save money.

Do you want some cheese?

I'm not your wife anymore. Your wife is Tatoeba!

He slowly climbed the stairs.

He didn't allow me to pay the bill for the dinner.

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Sean likes Indian food.

The server is down.

I didn't want them to see me.

Manolis can come with me.

Randall is not famous.

The cause wasn't immediately known.

Where am I now?

That man has a very good build.

It's very interesting.


See if you can find out more about Socorrito.

What did you decide to do?

Nothing is lost for asking.

She likes Russian Pop.

The bus stopped and Ramiro got off.

I'm not fooling around.

We are leaving Japan tomorrow morning.


That one is very rare.

It is said that the Japanese are very friendly to those that they know, and very indifferent to those they don't.

I took him up on his offer.

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Do you have any sales distributors in Japan?

I've always wanted to learn how to swim.

Bert broke his right arm.


Recently, we've been getting a lot of new customers.

I'd ask her.

The problem is as good as settled.

They had no money to buy concert tickets with.

Philip came in first.

Do you know what the speed limit is here?

That's Rio de Janeiro!

That's what I always say.

The engine won't start.


There were various objects in the room.

Let me look into it.

Let me fix dinner for you.

The boat drifted about on the sea.

China and Mongolia are separated by the Great Wall of China.

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I've worn out my shoes.

UN stands for the United Nations.

This is a fantastic place.

Elaine smiled awkwardly.

I'd like to see a doctor.

It doesn't seem like what we should be doing right now.

A stallion is a male horse.

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The ice has melted in the sun.

Dear passengers! The Minsk City Council and the Executive Committee of the City of Minsk cordially send their greetings on the occasion of the Nativity of Christ and the new year and wish you happiness, health and well-being.

I'm not planning to work on Monday.

Your software should be updated.

Don't fritter away your allowance.

Shall I get you a ticket for the concert?

Can I come too?

Now is the time to act.

I'm pretty sure Ima's not happy here.


The pioneers overcame a set of obstacles.


Every single word you say is a lie.

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The newspaper reflects public opinion.

They can not continue without Malloy.

We did the wrong thing.

Carol is not easily satisfied.

He never gets up early in the morning.

They won't let you escape.

Can you wait until I make up my face?

Jimmy was killed in a traffic accident.

They abandoned you.

I've already talked to them.

As soon as I get to Hokkaido, I'll drop you a line.

Curtis will come soon.

Mathematics is a difficult subject.

Which bus goes to the airport?

The police found a suicide note in Julie's pocket.


Sanford dated Helge when they were both teenagers.


Bryce has trouble admitting his mistakes.


We can build a wall with bricks and mortar.


Putting in place a systematic classification of our archives could be a great time saver.

There can be no enduring peace in the Middle East as long as Washington's neocons continue to run US foreign policy.

I see what you're doing.

I was expecting Rob to be here.

Let's get this party started.

Give me a heads-up if you hear anything!

It's old.

He helped me move.

We all long for our graduation.

Don't let Tiefenthal run away.

We can't save everyone.

The last I heard, Edith was fishing up in Canada.

Do you want to know how?


Ray made it clear that he didn't like the food.

Everyone should go.

Wood doesn't grow on trees.

I can't stand this stomachache.

We have a single for 50 dollars per night.

When a danger threatens us, we look up to God. If the danger ceases, we forget about God.

I'm going to tell Ole.


"They lost again." "You don't say. What's that, eight in a row?"

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He hired Rabin to kill Mr. Smith.

Let me fix us a couple of drinks first.

The central intelligence agency managed to plant a secret agent inside the deadly terrorist organization.

She inquired directions from the policeman.

I've already told you what I know.


Is Dwayne a prisoner?


Three people were rescued.

I'll soon be with you.

I'm determined never to give way to temptation.

Don't count on her.

This is a lion.

There is no point in giving him advice.

Sara has thirty-one ballpoint pens.

The two countries differ in religion and culture.

I thought you cared about him.

What's her boyfriend's name?

That really intrigues me.

Why do you think Johan came to see you?

It's an everyday occurrence in these parts.

She felt shy in his presence.

Others say Adil's people are too abstract, as they like dealing with pure mathematics and orchestral music.

This is holy ground.

Jianyun doesn't know any of the details yet.

Have you given Johan anything to eat or drink?

I'm not even supposed to be here.


Two children played by the house.

The ladies and gentlemen sat in the park and spoke of the time when they were still neighbors.

The nurse used a sphygmomanometer to check my blood pressure.

Jeff had to pound the pavement for three months before he found a job.

The red traffic light indicates "stop".

Maybe you'll come back to me?

It will not make much difference whether you go today or tomorrow.

One of the pickpockets blew the whistle on the other two.

We reached the top of the mountain.

You'll want for nothing while I am alive.

That's what you've wanted all along, isn't it?

He has wide views.

I have a lot of work I have to do.

I'm very serious.

Older couples often appreciate cash more than gifts because they neither need nor have room for them.

It was quite fascinating to see how these men were surviving.

If anything's going to happen, it should happen soon.

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This banana is rotten.

Christina forgot to ask Clayton what he had planned to ask her.

I spent some time in India.


This is the highest tower in Japan.

You'll soon hear from Carolyn.

What about you, honey?

Would you mind shutting the door?

He is one of the up and coming young men of the party.


I hope you didn't have any trouble finding the place.

Did you think I was being sarcastic?

Do all corresponding modifications, please.


I almost stepped on a skunk last night.

Freedom is so fundamental that its importance cannot be overemphasized.

Please remind me to give back this book.

Patricio didn't seem to be very busy.

I'm a great singer.


Ozan really made you happy, didn't he?

Shutoku has been spying on us.

You have to rest a little.

These animals were startled by the noise of the fireworks.

Have I the pleasure of addressing Mr. Scrooge, or Mr. Marley?


We played catch in a park near by.

I'm asking you to say clearly, yes or no.

Solve the following six math problems.

You said that you were busy.

Mike cannot have done such a thing.